The Team



Sarah Kurtz

I’m honored to be a part of Flow Lab, to #testyourtruth and test mine. My truths are work hard, play hard, love generously and be authentic. I’m not getting younger, but I’ve got lots of room to grow for sure. End of day I like to wrap it up with Mexican food or pizza, or a brick of cheese and my dog; just being honest.


Charissa Erickson

Journeywoman-CPT, 200hr RYT
Join me on my adventures by following the winding trail of champagne corks, hair dye, and puppy paw-prints. I truly believe strength on the mat breeds strength in the mind, breeds strength in the world.  Let’s grow strong together and laugh along the way! 


Meghan Atkinson

I had an idea. An idea to create a space to flow, breathe, sweat, let go, test, create, push, laugh, embrace, become. Become a community. Become your better you. Welcome to Flow Lab. Let’s #testyourtruth.


Alex Kosinski

I found Yoga after a bittersweet end to a career as a professional runner.  After years and years of pushing myself to the limit my body craved something was balanced. My physical body stopped hurting and my spirit grew strong. I love the combination of strength and surrender and how to find challenge in both. It is in this challenge that allows my mind to be completely present. Yoga has brought so much positivity in friendships, community and personal growth and I love sharing it with others. My intention is to offer students the opportunity to push themselves, trust their strength and learn in a safe and supported space. 


Mikel Blount

Movement is the ultimate privilege. Through yoga and exercise we get the opportunity to explore what our bodies are capable of doing and savor in the experience. My classes are focused on having the time to celebrate in everything you can do and all the opportunities you have to continue to be challenged, to learn, to find ease and to grow. With 14 years of yoga experience and over 7 years of teaching I hope to be able to share in these opportunities with you.


Stefanie Hyder

Recovering lawyer, fair-weather runner, irreverent mother, burpee lover. Make me laugh and I'll be your friend for life. Let's get sweaty!


Ashton Burdick

Yoga is my peace.
Curiosity is my wisdom.
Laughter is my joy.
Avocado toast is my life.


Jayme Froehlich

Oppressed Human turned Free Yogi -- Clown -- Aspiring mindful leader -- alignment savvy --  movement and breath obsessed....

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear"  -Buddha